The Ultimate 50's film?

The Ultimate 50's film?

What is the ultimate 1950's film?

We ran a competition on our Facebook and Instagram pages, where every other day we will posted up a letter in the name of a famous 1950's film (and they were not in the correct order). The answer was: A STAR IS BORN a fabulous film starring the one of a kind Judy Garland.
So we got to thinking what elements does a true 1950's film need to have???
These would be our top suggestions...
1. A teenager or young person trying to make their way in the world (tick)
2. A story of money and those that have it and those who don't (check)
3. A sexy undertone where the girl gives the guys the run around (check)
4. A touch of humour and a pinch of slap stick (check)
5. Iconic 50's dresses and fabulous vintage jewels (check)
6. A new invention or gadget is born
Our favourite 1950's films....
" I love Alfred Hitchcock's North by North West... I adore the wardrobe of Ava Marie Saint and I have always wanted to live in the house at the end on the cliff top, it's so stylish. The Star Cary Grant is always easy on the eye and the chase scene with the aircraft is probably one of the most iconic images in film history"
Rachel Hall - Marketing
" I love High Society the dresses and the suits are so typical 50's and the characters are fantastic. I also adore anything with Doris Day in she was an absolute legend"
Rachel Lovett - Owner and Designer
Grace Kelly Pearl Choker
We would love to find out what your favourite 1950's film is, please feel free to comment below....

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  • Anna Louise: November 14, 2019

    I really like Singing in the rain, those dance routines are amazing!!!! Puts Strictly come dancing in the dark.

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