Introducing Miss Peony Blossom

Introducing Miss Peony Blossom
We have totally fallen in love with the unique style that is Miss Peony Blossom who brings some va va voom and je ne sais quoi to vintage

We caught up with her before the holidays to ask her a few questions...
Can you describe your personal style?
I'd describe my personal style as glamorous and vintage. I also like to bring a small "modern" touch sometimes. But my greatest inspiration comes from my grandmother's old photos. ️ 
What vintage era are you drawn to the most?
I am split with the late 40s and 50s areas. 
What would be on your Christmas wish list?
What a good question haha! Definitely more lingerie from my two favourite brands, and authentic vintage dresses! 
Are you from Cork, Ireland originally? If so why the move to France?
I am born and raised in France, in a French family. I just always dreamt to live in Ireland and then spend the rest of my days in England! 
What do you want followers to take from your images - is there a strong message?
There is a strong message from all my photos. I've struggled a lot with my self-confidence, and modelling is what helped me the most and drove me to love myself. So in each photos I share, none is retouched. I want people to be proud of themselves, embrace their bodies with all their "imperfections". Beauty is everywhere we are looking. All I want is to make people feel better with themselves. 

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