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Nature Inspired Jewellery

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The origins of nature inspired jewellery

For centuries people have been drawn to the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Nature has been a consistent source of inspiration of artists throughout history, and this dates all the way back to ancient Egypt. Ancient jewellery was crafted with natural materials found in the local environment such as animal bones, teeth, claws, stones, shells, metal etc. These materials were often symbolic of cultural beliefs, social status and this nature inspired jewellery also held spiritual significance. 

In Ancient Egypt jewellery was worn to show power and wealth. The Ancient Egyptians believed jewellery had magical properties, and could protect them from harm, and also bring them good fortune, this also goes for people from China. 

Nature Inspired jewellery also remained a popular theme in renaissance jewellery with floral jewellery ,floral earrings and floral necklace, leaves, vines and many more. 

Nature inspired jewellery remains as popular as ever, with designers exploring new ways to incorporate natural themes and motifs into their creations. Nature inspired jewellery is worn by people of all ages and backgrounds across the globe. Nature continues to captivate and inspire us with its timeless beauty and variety, and nature inspired jewellery continues to be a popular and timeless accessory amongst people.

Nature motifs within nature inspired jewellery

Bee Motifs:

One element of nature inspired jewellery is bees. Bee motifs have been popular since ancient times. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome held bees in high regard due to their role in pollination and honey production. Bees also symbolise a range of different attributes including industriousness, creativity and fertility. Bees are also a sign of good fortune, and were believed to be a sacred creature, that bridged the natural world to the underworld.

Man looking at mountains

Floral Motifs:

Another element of nature inspired jewellery is flowers and floral patterns. Flowers are a symbol of life, love, beauty and spirituality. They have been used in centuries within various different cultures and traditions, to express emotions, convey messages and adorn the body. Floral motifs also go back to Ancient Egypt, specifically the lotus flower which symbolised rebirth and regeneration. During the renaissance, floral motifs continued to be popular with roses and lilies, being used to represent love and devotion. Floral motifs within nature inspired jewellery, remain a popular and timeless style, that is sure to continue for years to come. We have many Floral jewellery pieces on our website including flower earrings, floral necklace and ,any more.

Leaf motifs:

Another key part of nature inspired jewellery is leaves. Leafs hold symbolism in many cultures, but in general symbolise fertility and growth. In the Chinese tradition, leafs represent all of the beings in the universe. Leafs have been seen as both accent and focal points in Victorian, Art Nouveau and 20th century nature inspired jewellery.

Our arts and crafts collection

At Lovett & Co, we have a whole collection inspired by the arts and crafts movement specifically inspired by flora and fauna and all things natural. One of the main inspirations was William Morris, who was an English textile designer, poet, artist and writer and was an activist associated with the British arts and crafts movement. William Morris believed people should be surrounded by beautiful and well made things, and lots of his art reflects nature and the natural planet. We have a whole blog piece about this which you can read here....

We also have a collection inspired by Miriam Haskell, who ask incorporated lots of nature and florals into her designs.

Earth Day

Earth day is coming up on the 22nd of April, and it honours the achievements of the environmental movement, and raises awareness of the need to protect earths natural resources for future generations. Earth day was founded by a US senator Gaylord Nelson, after witnessing the massive 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. Earth day is one of the largest civic events in the world celebrated by close to 1 billion people per year. Some ways in which you can get involved in Earth Day is by planting a tree, getting a reusable water bottle and shopping bags, cutting down your meat and dairy consumption, walking or riding a bike instead of using transport and many more. Earth Day is an annual reminder that climate change has a major impact on our planet, lives and future. Earth Day can increase awareness and drive change, and also adds value to sustainability movements across the globe.    

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sustainability at lovett & co

Sustainability is important for preserving our planet and natural resources such as water and air. Building a sustainable future and ways of living will help to reduce pollution and protect habitats of planets and animals. We at Lovett & Co understand how important sustainability is, so have been making steps in which to adhere to this. All of our products are hypo-allergenic and nickel free and also all of our products are handmade. We as a business are committed to making our brand as sustainable and ethical as possible. We have been working with the amazing people at Handprint to plant Mangrove trees for the planet. For every order that is placed, we plant a tree. We have currently planted 4,607 trees. We have also recently updated and changed our packaging so it is now made from sustainable materials as well. By making little changes and steps in the right direction of sustainability, we are protecting and looking after our planet for generations to come. Shop our nature inspired jewellery now, plant a tree and play your part this World Earth Day.    

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