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Colour and Shapes in 1920s Jewellery

1920s fashion girls
1920s fashion girls

1920s Jewellery

The 1920s was a standout time in history for fashion and jewellery. Their is a huge influence from shapes and colours especially from Egypt other international influences and geometrical design. 

After WW1 came the art deco era. This period is remembered by flappers, jazz and its Great Gatsby esque lifestyle. It is also known for its bold and wonderful jewellery. In 1920s womens fashion changed drastically. This new style of fashion highlighted the freedom of modern women and allowed them to also participate in activities that were previously for men only. This freedom and also new sense of fun is highlighted in the new and exciting 1920s jewellery styles and fashion.     

art deco jewellery
flapper girl with pearls

Geometrical Design in 1920s jewellery

The jewellery designers of the 1920s and art deco period were keen to break away from straight lines and more natural themes and instead embrace modernism and the advances in technical innovation and machinery. This new genre of 1920s jewellery design consists of bold and geometric shapes with clean lines as well as symmetry. The term 'Cubism' was often used to describe this kind of jewellery because of all the angles and geometric lines. 

1920s flapper girl

International and Egyptian Influence on 1920s Jewellery

Many cultures around the world influenced the art deco era of 1920s jewellery. The 'Egyptian Revival' stands out in particular. After exciting new archaeological discoveries in Egypt, particularly the discovery of the tomb of TutanKhamun, this had a huge impact on art deco design.This can be seen in a vast usage of gold, vibrant coloured jewels, motifs and fan shaped art deco earrings and diamond pendant art deco necklaces.

1920s jewellery

Art Deco Jewellery Styles in the 1920s

Early 1920s jewellery art deco earrings were long and delicate, they also tended to be geometric shapes with a coloured gemstone. These earrings were exposed by new short bob hairstyles.

Art Deco necklaces were often extremely long and featured often a tassel or a pendant, perfect for swinging and swaying whilst doing the Charleston. Pearl necklaces were also still widely worn during the day and in the evening. Shorter art deco necklaces were made with gemstones or beads and also mixing gemstones and diamonds. This pretty jewellery was like nothing seen before.

Pendants were also a significant feature of art deco 1920s jewellery influenced by Chinese, ancient Egypt and Indian cultures. 

1920s bracelets combined all the styles of the era, with geometric patterns and carved gemstones.    

1920s Architecture

As we know art deco was a popular architectural style in the 1920s and many of New Yorks most iconic buildings were constructed in this style. This style was specifically characterised by the geometric shapes, bold colours and the use of new materials. The 1920s jewellery was also heavily influenced by this change in architecture which is evident in the shapes and colours of art deco jewellery.    

New York skyline

For our latest collection of 1920s Jewellery we have introduced new colours and materials, these include Jade coloured stone and Turquoise with a marble effect. These new 1920s jewellery pieces are perfect for styling a 1920's dress for a gatsby party. They are also pretty jewellery pieces for injecting interest and colour into a special outfit.

These 1920s jewellery pieces have matching items, so art deco earrings with art deco necklaces and are also available as jewellery gift box sets.

Discover these as well as our other 1920s jewellery pieces online. Perfect for a 1920s themed party, special occasion as well as 1920s bridal styles.

geometric earrings green
art deco pendant
art deco fan earrings
art deco silver earrings


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