Help us plant trees

Help us plant trees
We have been working with the amazing people at Handprint to plant Mangrove trees for the planet.
For every order you place, we plant a tree - it's that simple.
Read all about what we've been up to here
Scroll down to find out how many trees we have planted so far....
As a company that draws it's inspirations from the past we equally know the impact the past and the present has on all our futures, that is why we chose to partner up with Handprint to plant Mangrove trees with Yagasu in Indonesia.
Yagasu has over two decades of experience in mangrove reforestation in coastal ecosystems. Mangrove trees are arguably the most efficient carbon sequestration technology we have on earth. The trees form deep roots underground that solidify the soil and end up storing close to 75% of the carbon there.
Besides storing heaps of carbon, mangroves also create beautiful habitats where wildlife can thrive. In addition, coastal communities develop economic activities in harmony with mangrove forests such as crab farming and sustainable fisheries. Yagasu works with them to develop these livelihood projects. This ensures that people do not need to return to the chopping down of trees to earn a living. This is how we build long-term sustainable impact.
By purchasing with us you are not only treating yourself or a friend or family member you are also helping the planet... what's not to love about that!

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