The Lady Diana Collection

The Lady Diana Collection

Princess Diana is arguably the greatest fashion icon of the 20th century, she was also known as the ‘people princess’ and this was down to her caring and friendly personality. Lady Diana had an incredible collection of jewellery, from the Spencer family heirlooms to the gifted diamond sets.


One of Diana’s most famous pieces was the sapphire brooch choker, the brooch was a gift from the Queen mother when Charles and herself got married. She later turned this stunning sapphire brooch into a 7 strand pearl choker, which she wore at the White House Gala back in 1985 where she famously danced with John Travolta. 


Little Black Dress by Unique Vintage, Choker £36, Stud Earrings £25

It has been said that when Diana and Charles first got together the royal advisors took over her wardrobe to fit the protocol of her new status. However  her love for pearls stayed strong and they became a signature part of Diana's style, she wore them in a number of variations, many as chokers.       


After she and Charles split in the mid 90’s Diana began her own fashion journey, from Versace gowns, Jimmy Choo heels to her everyday wardrobe consisting of cycling shorts and oversized jumpers. Diana quickly became the most photographed woman in the world.


Diana was sought after all over the world for her fashion and style , the photographer Mario Testino was fortunate enough to take the Princess of Wales portraits before her untimely death the same year. He later went on to say that taking those portraits ‘was one of the most memorable days of my career’ can you blame him? Look at these stunning photos that Mario took !


Princess Diana's jewellery was as varied as it was beautiful. She certainly had an eye for style and bringing a modern feel to classic items. This has been the inspiration behind this new collectionThe pieces we have designed are breathtakingly beautiful and pivot around a Sapphire stone set in a stunning bed of crystals.


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