Pearly Queens

Pearly Queens
The precious pearl is officially the worlds oldest gem, coveted and cultured by Persian princesses and loved by the most iconic women throughout history. It was said that Cleopatra crushed a pearl into a glass of water to prove to Marc Anthony that she could give the most expensive dinner ever.
Up until the 20th century the only way to collect these perfect spheres of natural beauty was to dive to the very deeps of the worlds oceans and this explains how they were highly sort after, rare and very expensive.



For many women a set of pearls is as treasured as diamonds and it is one of those heirloom items of vintage jewellery that gets passed on from generation to generation as their pure beauty is timeless and classic and can be worn everyday or on a special occasion.


Grace Kelly Pearl Necklace


Grace Kelly in the 1950s famously wore a single string of pearls that reflected her love of vintage style jewellery and classic dressing. Coco Chanel loved her pearls and would layer them up making a real fashion statement that embraced the chic trend that swept the catwalks and avenues in Paris in the 1940s.


Coco Chanel

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