Our latest collection

Our latest collection
Presenting our new Frida Kahlo Collection
With a new major interactive exhibition in London, titled Mexican Geniuses Frida Kahlo once again proves her work and her enduring legacy is never out of fashion.
A Mexican artist born in 1907 she was pioneering with her very distinctive painting and artworks not to mention her own unique sense of style and activist work.
Frida Kahlo
A self taught painter she was made disabled in her early life due to contacting Polio and then later she suffered a tragic accident which left her in a lot of pain. Painting is what saved her and a keen interest in politics drove her.
In 1927 she joined the Mexican Communist Party and met and married fellow artist Diego Rivera.
She truly was an iconic feminine heroine, bold and brave and totally ahead of her time.
Frida's paintings were often self portraits, bold and arresting images that had real messages and stories behind them that explored class, race and gender.
Her colour palette reflected her native Mexican folk routes with bold and vibrant colours that covered the canvas.
She also depicted nature and her surroundings.
Her sense of self is her most enduring image.
Frida is probably best recognizable by her bold eyebrows and beautiful features, her own sense of style was vibrant and modern for her time, she was her art and her art was her.
Our capsule collection is created using beautifully hand painted enamel flowers placed delicately on brass plated fittings. In the collection there is a statement necklace that has a striking pendent of rose and flower clusters on a fine filigree chain. An emerald crystal teardrop earring with cluster flowers. A cluster flower stud earring. An exquisite floral hair slide that can also be worn as a bold brooch. A statement hoop earring with cluster flowers.

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