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Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco Jewellery


Welcome to the fascinating world of Art Deco jewellery, a timeless fashion decorative arts beauty that has stood the test of time and continues to enchant jewellery collection fans. In this investigation, we explore the origins and essential characteristics of Art Deco jewellery and spotlight the stunning costume jewellery selections of Brighton-based jewellery shop Lovett & Co.



What Makes Art Deco Fine Jewellery Unique

The early 20th century saw the emergence of the significant designer fashion jewellery trend known as Art Deco, or Arts Décoratifs, which was most dominant between the Art Deco era 1920s and 1930s. Modernity, glitz, and invention were celebrated throughout this period, significantly impacting jewellery design.


Geometric Accuracy: Art Deco jewellery is recognised for its symmetry and geometric accuracy. Bold geometric forms like squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles served as inspiration for vintage jewellery designers. Art Deco jewellery was given a feeling of structure and balance by these clear lines and powerful vintage shapes and designs, which reflected the period's interest in the industrial age and facilities like the Empire State Building.


Precious Metals and Gemstones: Platinum necklaces, white gold pendants, and sterling silver earrings were frequently utilised as extravagant materials in Art Deco jewellery designs. These metals served as a spotless style canvas for various sparkling sapphire jewellery pieces; for their vivid hues and outstanding glitter designs, diamond jewellery, emeralds, sapphires, and ruby jewellery were preferred since they accentuated the luxury of the art deco period of emerald jewellery and gems.


Filigree And Delicate Jewellery Details: Filigree's work style, which accentuates delicacy in metals, was a distinguishing feature of Art Deco jewellery. .Collection pieces were embellished with delicate patterns and expert jewellery craftsmanship, contrasting geometric shapes' aggressiveness and filigree's complexity.


Exotic Input: Art Deco jewellery frequently featured exotic input from many international cultures. Following the 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb, jewellery creations incorporating crystal jewellery scarabs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics were popular pieces. The vivid hues and patterns of Asian chain bracelets and African art hoop earrings were other influences of Art Deco earrings.


A Symbol Of Art Deco Elegance: Lovett & Co. Antique Jewellery Company

Lovett & Co., located in the centre of Brighton, has made a name for itself as a beacon of Art Deco elegance by providing a wide selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings style inspired by ancient art Deco jewellery eras.


Classic Art Deco Pieces: Lovett & Co has an exquisite assortment of vintage jewellery designs that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the Art Deco jewellery time. These items, which range from intricately wrought filigree necklaces, bracelets and rings embellished with vivid diamonds to geometric earrings that evoke the grandeur of skyscrapers, are proof of the company's dedication to upholding the essence of Art Deco style.


Vintage Glamour: The jewellery from Lovett & Co. epitomises vintage glamour and is ideal for anybody looking to stand out with their accessories. Their opulent cocktail jewellery rings with Art Deco influences are decorated with brilliant jewels and striking geometric patterns.


Art Deco Wedding Collection: Lovett & Co. provides wedding jewellery that has gorgeous engagement rings, tiaras, and bridal jewellery sets for women who want to incorporate the timeless beauty of Art Deco into their big day. These items exhibit refinement and grace, making them the ideal option for a wedding with a vintage theme.


Art Deco Accessories: Jewellery isn't the only item that embodies Art Deco. Along with other accessories, Lovett & Co. also sells a selection of Art Deco-inspired cufflinks, brooches, and hairpins. People may include Art Deco design in their everyday wear thanks to these expertly made items.


Customisation and customisation: Lovett & Co. offers customisation and customisation choices since they recognise that every consumer is different. They work closely with their customers to make their fantasies of wearing Art Deco jewellery come true, whether changing the metal choice, choosing certain jewels, or developing a unique piece from scratch.


The Experience with Lovett & Co.

In addition to their magnificent jewellery selections, Lovett & Co. offers its clients an unrivalled experience. Their skilled and enthusiastic staff is constantly available to help customers choose the ideal pearl drop earrings, rings collection or item that complements their unique tastes and preferences. They take satisfaction in choosing jewellery that symbolises the timeless appeal of the Art Deco style.


A Permanent Legacy

With its beauty, creativity, and historical relevance, Art Deco jewellery continues to enthral jewellery fans and collectors alike. Lovett & Co., situated in Brighton, is a prime example of an organisation committed to upholding the history of Art Deco by providing a broad selection of jewellery that honours this legendary period. Art Deco jewellery offers a timeless beauty that spans decades, whether you are captivated by geometric perfection, extravagant pearl earrings, or exquisite filigree work. To drape yourself in the splendour of a bygone period and make a statement that never goes out of style, peruse Lovett & Co's magnificent products. Thank you for reading.



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